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Why Early Intervention?

February 6, 2013


The earlier you can get to the family, the more effective.

Pat Kocsis

Clinical Coordinator

Early ESTEEM Program

Intervention for young children is essential because:

  • Behavioral problems dealt with at an early age are less likely to show up in a more extreme form later.

“If we put more money at the beginning, then we’re going to be spending less later on,” for example, in the juvenile justice system, says Pat Kocsis, clinical coordinator for the Early ESTEEM program.

  • Some problems, such as speech impediments or autism, can be treated more effectively if caught early.
  • Negative emotions can develop and remain over time.

“The earlier you can get to the family, the more effective,” Kocsis says. “Parents of kids this age haven’t built up a lot of resentment for the child, whereas with a child who is 10, there’s a lot of resentment there.”