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Counting on You

February 12, 2013



Notice sizes that fill your baby’s world. For example: Point out her “big” teddy bear, the small toy car, the large red ball or the small blue ball.


Use number words out loud whenever you can:

  • “In five (5) minutes it will be bedtime.”
  • “We went to the store three (3) times today.”

Use size words:

  • “over”
  • “under”
  • “above”
  • “on”
  • “next to”
  • “Let’s put the shirt over your head.”
  • “Let’s put the lid on the pan.”


Ask your child questions with numbers:

  • “How many colors are in that painting?”
  • “Are we second or third in line?”

Use the language of measurement:

  • “fill”
  • “load”
  • “balance”
  • “area”
  • “I am filling the washer with a load of laundry.”
  • “Can you put the round bowl on the shelf.”
  • “I see cereal on the counter.”

Adapted from materials developed and provided by Ready At Five.