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Best Travel Apps for Kids

May 26, 2014


Planning to hit the road this summer? You might want to bring along your tablet or Smartphone, as it’s hard to keep your little ones at bay during those long road trips.

Here are the best apps to keep your restless children busy during those long hot car rides this summer, as chosen by media think-tank Common Sense Media:

Geography App: Finding a good geography app is a great way for your child to plan along as you go. Common Sense Media suggests Stack the States or Learn the States with Flat Stanley. Atlas by Collins or Google Earth is another great app where kids can see a satellite view of your destination, see famous landmarks and a whole lot more.

Long Trip: If you need to keep busy on planes, trains and automobiles, there are a few apps that can keep kids actively engaged for a good amount of time. Try Reading Rainbow to download a book instead of lugging heavy books along with your luggage. Pandora, a radio app, is another great way to pass the time with numerous kid-friendly stations to choose from.

Games: Educational games are also a great way to learn while passing time. Fnd a reading game or ClassDojo or Reading Bear is a great app for learning and How to Draw & Paint Magna is great for basic understanding of the fine arts.

Navigation: A pocket map web app like Google Maps or Waze is another wonderful navigational tool for getting around a new place. Kids can follow online while they learn their way around a new vacation spot.

So, hit the road and bring along some tech tools to help you maintain the peace and the teachable moments.