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Fun and free (or inexpensive) outings and websites

December 11, 2013
Original Author: Lisa Pilnik


Winter break is a great time to visit your local library, museum, or community center, since they may offer extra programming when school is out, according to Lisa Hanson and Heather Kempskie, authors of The Playdate Busy Book.

State parks, lakes, or botanical gardens can also be great places to hike, look at wildlife, or check out flowers, plants and insects. Hanson and Kempskie also suggested some Web-based ways to find more fun things to do:

Check out A great way to get kids outside on a cool day is finding and visiting letterboxes that other people have set up in your community. The website gives search clues to help you find different ones. Once you’ve visited all of the letterboxes in your area, help your kids and some friends create a new letterbox for others to visit.

Visit online activity sites: Websites like offer educational games, holiday themed arts and crafts, and family activities.

Take a stretch: Yoga is a great way to begin or end your day, and can be done inside or out. Visit Namaste Kids to learn some poses your kids can do to get energized in the morning, or to wind down in the evening.


busy book

Book cover courtesy of Meadowbrook Press.

Photo by Jason Lander / CC BY 2.0