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Sun is Hot, Sunburns are Not

April 21, 2014


The sun can be a hidden danger to your child. Making sure your kids are appropriately protected by harmful sunrays can help them avoid some serous skin issues in the future.

According to the Environmental Working Group, by following a few sun safety tips, parents can prevent discomfort or injury and, of course, a sunburn.

-       The best sunscreen is a hat and shirt. After that, protect kids with a sunscreen that’s effective and safe.

-       Keep infants six months and younger out of the direct sun, as their skin is not protected by melanin.

-       Cover babies with protective clothing and a sunhat.

-       If you’re going to the beach, bring along an umbrella or a stroller with a canopy to shade the baby.

-       Avoid midday sun. Take walks in the early morning or late afternoon.

-       Follow the warnings for sunscreens on babies 6 months or younger. The American Academy of Pediatrics says that small amounts of sunscreen can be used on    infants as a last resort when shade can’t be found.

-       Before using a sunscreen test it by applying a small amount on the inside of your child’s wrist. If an irritation or rash develops, use another product.

-       Cover your child with sunscreen and reapply it often, especially if your child is playing in the water or sweating a lot.

-       Cover your child with sunblock even in areas that clothes cover, especially if they will be outdoors all day.

-       Use hats and sunglasses to protect your child’s eyes and skin. Get in the habit, you’ll be glad you did.