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Teaching Civic Engagement during Budget Saga

May 19, 2014


Use the state budget to teach your kids about civic engagement and budgeting.

Here are some tips on how:

1)    Learn About the Budget: The budget impacts you and your daily life. Read news articles to understand which issues are important to you and which areas may be underfunded.

2)    Teach Your Kids About The Budget: It often helps to explain complex topics to others in order to better understand them yourself. Explain the budget process to your children or family members to encourage them to think about which issues might be important to them.

3)   Write Letters And Make Calls: Locate your state representatives and call or write letters to them. Ask for the changes you would like to see in the budget. Your voice counts! Be a good example of civic engagement for your children and get them to write letters as well.

4)   Make a Budget of Your Own: It’s a new year and everyone can benefit from some financial reorganization. Show your kids your own family budget to help them understand the concept of the larger state budget. Ask them to suggest areas to cut to expand—your toy budget might suddenly increase.