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Keep kids social media safe

February 3, 2014

Umbrella of Safety

Help your kids protect their privacy in a very public world.

Jim Steyer

CEO and Founder

Commonsense Media

Parents can do a lot to keep kids social media safe, before kids share information they shouldn’t.

Fine-tune privacy settings.

In social media sites, privacy settings can limit who can find, contact, or even tag your child. Use them!

Investigate regularly. 

Check your child’s email and browser history often, with the understanding that you have a responsibility to monitor what they do online.


Create an honest, open environment that fosters opportunities to talk to your child about the difference between joking and bullying, creative expression and matters that should remain private. Let them know that the conduct you expect in “the real world” should also apply to the Internet.

Learn about parental controls.

 These help you control what your kids see online with filtering, blocking, limiting time, and selecting browsers.

Customize mobile devices. 

The kids have cell phones so you can communicate with them at all times, not so they can broadcast their whereabouts to their friends and strangers via GPS technology. Make sure your mobile devices are secured with passwords and customized settings.

Set limits.

Ultimately, you control the amount of time your child spends online, or the number of times they post.