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Safety Tips for Parents and Kids

January 7, 2013


Safety tips for parents:

  • Children are more likely to be harmed by someone they know than by a stranger.
  • Children need clear safety rules.
  • Ask your child often: “Is there anything you’ve been wondering or worrying about that you haven’t told me?”

Safety tips for children:

  • Most people are good.
  • My job is to check with an adult in charge before I go anywhere with anyone, or let a stranger get close to me.
  • I do not give personal information to a stranger or to someone who makes me feel uncomfortable.
  • It’s OK to get help from strangers in an emergency.
  • I belong to myself — my body, my time, my spirit.
  • Touch has to be both peoples’ choice and it has to be safe.
  • Touch for reasons of health or safety is not always a choice, but it should never have to be a secret.
  • If I have a problem, I need to tell a trusted adult.

Kids need to learn how to:

  • Stand and walk with awareness and confidence.
  • Keep safe distance from someone approaching them.
  • Walk away from a stranger, even one who is being very nice.
  • Say “no,” using polite and clear words.
  • Use eye contact and assertive body language.
  • Check first even if someone says not to.
  • Get help from a busy adult.
  • Make noise, run, get to safety.

Source: KidPower