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Summer Safety: What to Review With Your Child

June 9, 2014

Stuart Goldenberg

Image Credit: Stuart Goldenberg

School is out and the kids are ready for some fun. But unsupervised fun can quickly turn into danger if your children aren’t armed with a few safety reminders.

Here is a list of summer safety tips you should review with your child before venturing out to play these upcoming summer months.

Safety Review:

  1. Bike and Scooter Safety: Always wear a helmet. Stay on sidewalks or bike lanes and be certain to know hand signals for turning. Also have your child travel with a bike or scooter lock if your child is using the bike or scooter for transportation.
  2. Stranger Danger: Make sure to review Stranger Danger with your child. Be sure they always let a grown up know where they are at all times. Have your child always travel and play in groups. Remind them not to talk with strangers and to loudly protest if they find themselves in a vulnerable situation.
  3. Water Safety: Remind children to never swim alone or without parental supervision. Always wear lifejackets on any boats or water toys. Be especially vigilant while boating, fishing or playing in murky water. Do not dive into shallow water.
  4. 911: Be sure to remind your children to call 9-1-1 when they encounter an emergency. Fire, smoke, crimes in progress are all good reasons to call. Help them decipher when to call for emergency help or when to call a parent or adult for advice on what to do next.
  5. Skin Safety: Your child should be armed with sun block when outside for more than 30 minutes. Be sure to always use a broad-spectrum sunblock to provide protection against all harmful rays.
  6. Outdoor Awareness: Make sure to teach your child to hydrate when playing outside, wear sturdy shoes and be sure someone knows when you’ll be home.  Avoid touching discarded glass or metal if you’re on a hiking trail or wooded area.