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Learn the Signs of Developmental Delay and Disability

February 10, 2012


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends parents talk with their child’s doctor if a child shows the following signs for concern, or seems to lose skill.

2 months:

  • does not respond to loud sounds
  • does not watch moving objects
  • does not smile at people
  • does not bring hands to mouth
  • does not hold head up when pushing up from tummy

6 months:

  • does not try to get things
  • does not show affection
  • does not respond to sounds
  • does not roll over
  • does not laugh
  • the child’s muscles seem very stiff or floppy.

1 year:

  • does not crawl
  • does not stand when supported
  • does not search for things you hide
  • does not say single words
  • does not learn gestures
  • does not point to things

2 years:

  • does not use two-word phrases
  • does not know what to do with common objects
  • does not copy actions and words
  • does not follow simple instructions
  • does not walk steadily

3 years:

  • does not climb stairs well
  • does not speak somewhat clearly
  • does not play with simple toys
  • does not speak in sentences
  • does not play make-believe
  • does not make eye contact
  • does not want to play with children or toys