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Tips on How to Be Active During Political Campaigns

February 4, 2013


1. Register to vote, and encourage your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers to register.

2. Join community groups, such as the Parent Teacher Association, a neighborhood group, a church group or a political club. Groups are usually more successful than individuals at promoting specific issues and getting answers from officials and candidates.

3. Gather information from a variety of sources. Talk to friends about political issues. Educate yourself about other viewpoints.

4. Read—and write!—letters to the editor in the newspaper and online.

5. Call on elected officials and candidates to address your group about issues important to you. Ask questions and hold them accountable.

6. Volunteer to work for issues and candidates you support.

7. Don’t give up. If your candidate or issue loses, keep working on it.

Originally written by Carolyn Jones.